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How to define a content workflow

I once listed some online publications that I would like to write for. On that list was Content Marketing Institute and I managed to check that off.

My article, How to define a workflow that keeps content production on track, was published in 2016 but I was recently asked to update it due to popular demand. How exciting. The changes I made were minimal and it's an article I'm really proud of.

In the article I cover:

  • what a content workflow is

  • why you should define your workflow

  • how to define a workflow

  • examples of visualising workflow

The CMI guidelines state that I can't republish the article in full on this blog (which is fair enough), but I have followed their attribution policy by summarising the article and linking to the original.

If you have a read, the article may help you deliver content on time, avoid bottlenecks and identify gaps in your process.

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