Strategic, as standard

Hi, I'm Robert Mills, a content and communications strategist based in the UK. I started Fourth Wall Content to work with clients on various content-focused projects. My 'studio' is a log cabin at the bottom of my garden. It's pretty cosy.

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Content strategist, writer and marketer

I'm a journalism graduate and experienced writer. I've also been a data analyst in local government and an Audience Research Executive at the BBC. I still prefer words to numbers though.

I was agency-side for 8 years, managing client projects and working with them on content strategy and creation. More recently I was Head of Content for a SaaS company, managing all educational resources and owning every stage of the content lifecycle.

On a gap year I graded apples, thinned mandarins, trimmed fish and picked kiwis. You never know when those skills may come in handy again.

Published author

Above all else I consider myself a writer. I've had a design communication book published by an independent publisher. I've written for industry magazines and blogs including Smashing Magazine, UX Booth and Content Marketing Institute. I mainly write about content strategy but sometimes storytelling or typewriters too.

Community builder

Public speaker

I've spoken at events in the USA, Spain, Denmark, Australia and across the UK. I'm proud to have presented at Confab, ContentEd, Lavacon Conf, HighEdWeb and more. I've also been a guest on various podcasts. I talk about all things content related but if you have a podcast about fruit picking I may well be available.

Typewriter collector

There's nothing I like more than connecting people, contributing to the content and UX community and encouraging people to share their experiences. We can all learn from each other build a community around inclusivity and kindness. Who's in?

Owning a typewriter felt like a rite of passage as a writer. I now have four, one each from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. The 1940s Underwood still works, just about. Although I don't use it to write any of the content for my clients. Imagine that.