Designing content for people affected by the cost of living crisis

Designing content for people affected by the cost of living crisis in the UK isn’t easy. There are lots of individual and different user needs and considerations. Citizens Advice took a collaborative and user-focused approach to their content to help people with their cost of living challenges. Emily Ray, senior content designer, and Mia Harris, a user researcher from Citizens Advice, share their process for creating content that needs to help such a broad audience, plus how they prioritise content, test content with users and work iteratively across the organisation.

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Emily Ray

Senior Content Designer, Citizens Advice

Emily Ray (she/her) is a senior content designer at Citizens Advice. She leads a small but mighty team of content designers and legal experts on the creation of cost of living advice content.

Previously, Emily worked at the British Heart Foundation and Tastemade UK, before falling in love with the user-centred, data-driven nature of content design.

In her spare time, Emily is learning the basics of DIY while renovating her family home. She also loves travelling and spending time with her two orange cats.

Mia Harris

User Researcher, Citizens Advice

Mia Harris (they/them) is a user researcher at Citizens Advice, currently working on website advice content. Previously, Mia worked as a researcher at Prison Reform Trust, having completed a PhD in Criminology exploring the experiences of LGBT people in British prisons. In their spare time, Mia volunteers for the charity Woodcraft Folk. They enjoy learning French, eating tasty vegan food, and spending time with friends and family.

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