Designing content for Welsh language users

Nia Campbell talks about the challenges as the only Welsh speaker on content projects and emphasises the need to advocate for translation experts to be involved in the process earlier. Nia also shares her own experiences and advice for creating user-centered Welsh language content. In her conversation with Robert Mills, they touch on what challenges of a traditional approach to translating content, conducting bilingual sessions for user testing and feedback and how it feels to become the user of the content you have previously designed.

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Nia Campbell

Senior content designer, Content Design London

Nia Campbell is a senior content designer at Content Design London. They work on client projects and train people around the world in foundation and advanced content design. 

Since October 2022, Nia has been supporting a team in central government to help make sure that a new service provides a good experience for Welsh language users.

Nia's background is in designing health and social care information, and she's worked with national charities like Marie Curie and Scope.

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